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REAL SPIDER mod for Monster Bash Pinball
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REAL SPIDER mod for Monster Bash Pinball
REAL SPIDER mod for Monster Bash Pinball

Here you three replacement Plastics with real litte spiders on it.
Two replacement for the slingshots. And one replacement in back of the pinball.
All three Spiders will come with a special Lightup effect beneth the spiders.
You can easily connect it with included alligator connectors under the pinball to corrensponding flasher Lamps.
You can remove the complete Mod without any trace.

If you have trouble to order in this german webshop Mail me your complete adress to klaus@wolfsoft.de and I will do the rest for you.
paypal is possible for foreign orders! More infos and pictures you can find here:

Click this for the Installation Manual


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