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The Product Shadoan DVD Features Point and Click 2 difficulties: Apprentice and Wizard Quest:View Progress Mode Digital Leisure is banging these games out at a feverish pace and much to my delight. Iam so impressed with what they have to offer its a real pleasure to be reviewing yet another title in their arsenal of quality DVD Home Player Games. Digital Leisure is so far the premier publisher of this format of gaming. There are others on their way up but you have to buy a special DVD player to play the games they offer. Thats silly in my mind there is already so many households with DVD's and now with PS2 coming why would you want to limit who can play your games. Shadoan is a great story, I don't know about the JRR Tolkien's references this game can hold its own without being based on Thayers Quest. A true point and click game where you are given choices and hopefully you will make wise decisions, since your continues are limited. A game that is fun for the whole family, not much to learn its very easy to pick up and start playing which is a major plus. There is nothing worse than putting in a DVD on family game night that takes 30 minutes just to figure out what button to press. But the game is quite challenging with its puzzles and riddles so don't take this game for granted it takes skill. Apprentice/Wizard Modes Apprentice mode is good for anybody, it gives you more time to make life or death decisions with the use of an hour glass. Apparantly some puzzles are already solved to make it easier for children, well Im no slouch of a gamer and this mode is hard enough. Wizard mode is for the dragon slayer in all of us. Gameplay For the most part there is a lot of thinking involved and a lot of memorization just like with previous action reaction games like Dragons Lair. You have more time to think of course since not every scene is choose or die scenario. A lot of hints are given through out your adventure so you need to listen very carefully or miss a clue which then has you going in circles. It can be a very long game I have yet to beat it, I will add more to this review once I have conquered it. Sound Quality Top Notch sound in DTS, great ambiance which is really the only thing that reminds me of "The Lord Of The Rings". Replay Value A lot of replay this game will keep your attention more so than most a great family game night game. In conclusion Once again Digital Leisure is on top with yet again another Top Notch title worth every penny. DVD is the Future and Digital Leisure is leading the way. Achtung: Die DVD ist Codefree im NTSC Format aufgenommen und erfordert einen NTSC-tauglichen Fernseher.

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