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64 LED channels with 256 brightness levels for full RGB color mixing
NEW FEATURE! Can be set to flash any or all LEDs at one of 3 rates, without PC control.
Can be used with single-color or RGB LEDs (RGB use 3 channels)
Constant current negates the need for resistors for each LED
Can be used with LEDs with inbuilt resistors if required
128-command flash storage for “attract-mode” sequences which run immediately on power-up with no PC present
Supports single-command fades with preset speed on-board. Multiple fades can overlap
Comes with power cable for plugging into a PC disk drive power connector, and USB cable
User-assigned IDs allow multiple boards to be connected
Extensive software support including test application, Software Development kit for
adding support to your own programs, and LedBlinky third-party software Compact modular connectivity. Our Ultralux RGB pushbuttons simply plug in. Other harnesses and connectors available.

Kit Contents:

PacLED64 Board.
USB Cable
Power cable for connection to PC HDD power
2 x 48-way empty connector housings. Wires with crimp contacts (ordered separately if required) push into these.

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