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Arcade VGA 5000 Card PCIe
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Arcade VGA 5000 Card PCIe

The Ultimate PCIe Video card for gaming on 15Khz Arcade Monitors and PC Monitors Vista/Windows 7 and Windows 8 32 and 64 bit drivers included. Also XP 32 and 64 bit. RUN CLASSIC GAMES IN THEIR NATIVE RESOLUTIONS! SUPPORTS CRT AND LCD (DVI) DIGITAL MONITORS. NEW ULTRA-HIGH PERFORMANCE PCIe VERSION. RADEON RV630 CHIPSET. GUARANTEED TO RUN SF4 AT 60FPS WITH FULL DETAIL SETTINGS. Also supports 25Khz resolutions on multi-frequency monitors. Connect your 15Khz arcade cabinet monitor to your PC with NO special configuration in either boot screens or Windows. You can also connect an ordinary PC monitor and get all the resolutions of the 15Khz monitor plus conventional higher Windows resolutions. Displays all boot and Windows screens on the arcade monitor and/or PC monitor. Displays Windows desktop in a choice of resolutions including interlaced and non-interlaced. Connect an ordinary PC monitor, or an arcade monitor, or both at the same time in extended desktop mode. Allows command-line MAME or GUI MAME to run almost all games at their native resolutions without hardware stretching, scan converters or other degradation. Native game resolutions are available on both the arcade and the PC monitor. Emulates the original game board's graphics hardware as close as possible. Contains 28 built-in 15Khz video graphics modes tailored specially for emulation. All of these modes also available on a PC monitor. Now supports 25Khz modes as well, on multi-frequency monitors such asthe WG D9800. All 240-line modes have an exact 60Hz vertical refresh rate for best performance in scrolling games. Special 400 X 256 Mode timed at 53Hz vertical for games such as Mortal Kombat . When used with arcade monitor, all video modes timed at 15.7 Khz horizontal frequency to eliminate picture shifting on mode changes. Also contains all standard VGA graphics and text modes, running at15Khz. On arcade monitors. text screens display the full 25 lines without interlace using a special reduced-height font. All special modes available in Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista at all colour depths. Desktop rotation supported in Windows for vertically-mounted monitors. Choice of Windows desktop resolutions including interlaced and non-interlaced modes. Can be assigned hot-keys . No MAME monitor configuration necessary, no need even to tell MAME you have an arcade monitor. Run any Windows application which can use 640x480 or 800x600 on your arcade monitor including 3D games. On PC monitors, all the native game resolutions are available, plus conventional Windows resolutions. All modes locked with vertical and horizontal negative sync for easy connection via a direct cable. Choice of available connection methods, Via J-PAC, Via Video Amp, or Direct Cable connect. Powerful ATI Radeon HD5450 PCIe chipset for great performance in 3D games as well as emulation .Get the best from your D9800 or other multi-frequency monitor. The ArcadeVGA card will run the low frequency modes which these monitors can handle, as well as the higher VGA modes. So, what exactly is the difference in quality when using a PCmonitor between the ArcadeVGA running at the native resolution and an ordinary card running Direct 3D stretching? The difference actually depends on what types of games you play. The most striking improvement is with older, classic games which have "graphics ROM" type character sprites such as Galaga, Pacman, Space Invaders and the like. The difference is clear. Pictorial graphics of later games show an improvement in sharpness with no loss of detail, giving a picture where you can see each individual pixel of the original. On this typeof game it is a matter of taste as to whether you prefer this level of sharpness against a Direct3D picture which slightly blurs and softens the edges.

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