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AimTrak Light Gun black
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AimTrak Light Gun black

Komplette Lightgun mit integriertem AimTrak.

Sie funktioniert ähnlich wie die Wii-Remote. Auf dem Bildschirm wird eine Infrarot Leiste gestellt und das AimTrak Kit per USB angeschlossen.

Der Vorteil dieses Kits: Es ist verwendbar an allen Bildschirmen. Egal ob Röhre, LCD

The Ultimarc AimTrak Light Gun Module is a tiny PCB containing a camera and tracking logic which can be mounted inside any available gaming gun body including arcade guns and console guns such as Guncon. Some DIY assembly and creativity is needed for the PCB mounting.
The gun trigger switch is wired to a connector on  the PCB.

A small LED PCB is mounted at the top of the monitor screen. This can be behind a glass panel if necessary.


    * Emulates a mouse and controls the mouse pointer with no drivers required.
    * Works with any type of monitor
    * Designed to be used at a wide range of distances from the screen, down to 2 feet (600mm).
    * Very easy to use, no drivers required.
    * Simple calibration process requires no host software.
    * Trigger plus 6 other buttons can be defined as gamepad or mouse buttons
    * Up to four guns can be used on one PC

Kit Contents:

    * IR Tracking Camera Module with integral USB interface.
    * USB Cable
    * USB Extension cable (2.5m)
    * Connector for trigger switch with 2 x push-on connectors.
    * LED Board with USB cable (1.5m)

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109,99 EUR incl. Ust. zzgl. Versand
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