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16-fach SCART/Euro AV Umschalter RGB Hydra2 automatisch &Netzteil&SCARTKabel
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16-fach SCART/Euro AV Umschalter RGB Hydra2  automatisch &Netzteil&SCARTKabel

Die neueste Entwicklung von Lotharek aus Polen.
Ein 16-Fach RGB-Scart Umschalter, der automatisch auf die eingeschaltete Quelle umschaltet.
. Wenn mehrere eingeschaltet sind, so kann man mit den angebrachten Tastern zwischen den eingeschalteten Geräten umschalten.

Wir liefern zu dem Umschalter auch ein passendes hochwertiges RGB-Scart Kabel mit vergoldeteten Kontakten. Hier befindet sich auch ein Cinch Anschluss um den Umschalter an einem Audioverstärker anzuschliessen

Desweiteren packen wir auch das für den Betrieb notwendige Netzteil mit MicroUSB bei.

Ulitmate scart switch for most demanding setups


Fully automatic SCART switch with full galvanic inputs separation.

-16 scart inputs ( RGB, s-video, composite) - easily expandable 24 inputs with HYDRA HEADS device -2 scart ouput - now, You can connect Your 2 ouput devices !! -"Knight rider" style active scart detection -full ROHS -AVR controller with firmware future updates -HQ plexi transparent ( made by me ;-) at my laser machine) -STEREO RCA audio output -IR controlled -manual/automatic mode -MICRO USB power supply (regular mobile phone charger 5V will do the job - please, use sth decent - approx 1A) -Dedicted remote sold separately - soon; thus You can always use any NEC/ENEC compatible one You may already have - Please, check FAQ tab above

How doees it work ?

Imagine, You have many retro system in use. Amiga, Atari ST, ZX spectrum, etc... And You have only one classical TV/Monitor with one SCART INPUT. Each time, You want to switch system, You have to connect Your machine to Your monitor. Everytime, You do it - You damage scart socket inside. Those days are over. Connect up to 24 computers/consoles to HYDRA, then connect HYDRA to Your TV/Monitor and power on hydra. Since now, HYDRA will detect active scart input and forward all signals to Your monitor. Simple and efficent. Please, remember:

NEVER connect / disconnect SCART PLUGS


You may ask why..

Designing device, I put much effort into ability to passthrough many types of signals: from composite to component. To protect device and not to cut signal`s range, HYDRAs have additional ESD protection diodes, but for a short period of time when scanning for active scart, Hydra is defenseless. If You got hit that moment plugging powered on device, You will damage RGB chip with ESD voltage that may reach thousands of volts (not dangerous for you, but electronics is fragile..). This chip will become very hot and protection will brick hydra. Probably knight rider effect will stop, Hydra will be unusable, until one of chips replaced (NCS2564).


No tricky electronics inside as NOT NEEDED. Hydra has built in all necessary features Hydra loves composite video or luma at pin 20 of scart When You have fun, Hydra does plenty of work – let it work Hydra doesn`t like and will not lock on scart with TTL csync as it doesn’t follow scart 75ohm standard – nevertheless source connected directly to Your TV works OK


left - scan for active source to the left from active one (if active is far left, no action) / next scart in manual mode right - scan for active source to the right from active one (if active is far right, no action) / previous scart in manual mode middle - HD/LOW PASS filter (led on/off) - default ON left+right pressed - disables "knight rider led effect" middle + right - Automatic/manual mode CS1 - input`s pin 20 source signal / composite sync (stripped) ouput for scart 1 CS2 - input`s pin 20 source signal / composite sync (stripped) ouput for scart 2

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