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PCE FANTASM SOLDIER (Valis) Pack 7 CDs (pcew)
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PCE FANTASM SOLDIER (Valis) Pack 7 CDs (pcew)

Reproduktionen von PC-Engine Games.

Die Ausführungen sind auf höchstem Nievau

Mit Cover, Spine usw.

Die 7 Spiele sind:
-Valis 1-4
-Fantasm Soldier II und III in englisch

Although VALIS wasn’t exclusive to the PCE by any means, the series just feels home on NEC’s 8-bit power house. This boxset compiles the four PCE entries to the series while adding the English versions of Valis II and III as well as the Japan-exclusive Visual Collection disc for a whooping 7 CDs in total.

Valis is best described as a series of iconic action jump’n’runs. The heavy addition of anime cut scenes and voice acting made the series feel very unique on a CD based system like the PC Engine. Conversions to other systems, either on floppy disc or cartridge always had a hard time to deliver the full package on these titles.

The slipscase contains 7 CDs (in four jewel cases, three of them holding two discs each). Additional English manuals are included for Valis II and III. A set of postcards, an art folder (for the original Valis) and a A3 mini-poster accompany the set.

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